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    what is behind the scene ?

    try_catch_finally Portal Newbie

      Hi all,

      I read the GettingStarted docs and it's excellent...really very well explained.
      With the help of gettingStarted guide i created my own app and it's running

      I m very much interested to use JBPM api and want to write my own java classes and jsp's to implement the work flow.

      As i m newbie in JBoss JBPM....so i have some doubts

      1. When i did the "deploy process archieve"....and then when i open the jbpm to see my process ...then it is there and working fine....BUT where it is exactly deployed..on jbpm server..i didn't found any folder related to my process project.

      2. the deployed application is running perfectly ....but i don't understand the exact flow.....say when i click on "save and close" where exactly control transfer since i only created the gpd.xml file and no actionHandler java files.

      3. When we create the process project and process definition the IDE generates some default folders and files in there.....so when these default created files comes into picture like MessageActionHandler.java

      4. What if i want to write my own code to handle every action from the work flow. Say when i click "save and close" button then my actionHandler should get call where i can get my task...and e.t.c... ...

      5. i want to do every thing form initiate a process to end by with the help of JBPM api's......so pls guide me what class files do i need to write and what are the things that i need to learn...

      Very very thnx in advance.

      Waiting for reply....