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    modifying websale project....help required..

    try_catch_finally Portal Newbie

      Hi all,

      I want to modify the websale project which comes with jboss starter kit.
      I just want to import that websale project into the jboss jbpm process desinger.
      The idea is to learn the flow by modification into the existing business project.

      i want to know the files with which i need to play.

      like, this flder C:\jbpm-starters-kit-3.1\jbpm\src\java.examples\org\jbpm\websale
      contains 4 java files
      a) RemindActor , b)ShipItem, c) UpdateBooks and d) WebsaleTest

      i just want to know the exact folder structure that is to be created in jboss designer. for example what should be there in src/java , test/java and e.t.c.

      and finally how to deploy this project to jbpm server ?

      any Help will the very helpfull :-)