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    PooledActors Explanation

    Julian Klein Newbie

      Could someone provide a bit more explanation on pooled actors? Currently I have the jBPM identity component setup, but am not using it. I do however utilize the expression syntax for differentiating users and groups. I have been asked to create an email like system for jBPM tasks, and curious how pooled actors may relate to making carbon copies of tasks or faciliating collaboration. Also, I am curious to know if the identity component is nec. in order to utilize pooled actors functionality.


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          Julian Klein Newbie

          Well for those searching on this topic, I have decided to implement my own custom fields in a subclass of TaskInstance to allow for a richer collaborative environment than that of pooled actors. Perhaps I mising something in the docs, but it seems certain tasks would be best if they could be assigned to an individual, yet visible to other "pools" of actors so they are aware of a task in which they must prepare themselves or are interested in the activity (e.g. Observer). Now I know this could come down to process modeling, but when users want to make one off tasks with simple one, perhaps two steps, it makes little sense to have them design an entire flow. I have yet to determine the exact specs of this process, but am posting in the hope that someone has some input or in case someone is interested in how this topic came to a conclusion. Thanks again guys, I know this is a two way road, so keep up the good work!