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    BAM and jBPM

    User Anonymous Newbie


      I have tested jBOSS jBPM, and with the engine, I would like to use a tool of BAM.

      I see JBAM, but it seems that JBAM isn't ready today.

      What tool can you recommended me to do BAM with jBPM for the moment (open source) ?


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          Kevin Barfield Newbie

          Since jBPM stores all execution data and logging data in the database, you can use any reporting tool that can access a database. In addition, the sample web app provides some simple BAM functionality (shown in the getting started wiki).

          jBPM Data Model:http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Jbpm31DataModel

          jBPM Getting Started Wiki:http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JbpmGettingStarted

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            Ronald van Kuijk Master


            due to the way jBPM stores it's data, it is not that easy/obvious to use 'any' reporting tool. Storage is optimized for the engine to work, but for analisys it requires some work. Full BAM (with a dashboard etc) is a long way off, at least integrated with jBPM.

            There is however an opensource project called Pentaho. They have extensive BI/Dashboard functionality and have anounced a partnership with JBoss. In their press anouncement jBPM is mentioned. I posted a message in their general forum with the question whether this means they will exchange enhydra shark with jBPM or support reporting for jBPM based processes. I hope it is the latter, maybe you can aquire this information via another way.


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              Gretchen Moran Newbie

              Hi there,

              We are just beginning to define the work that we will do with jBPM. Now is the time to post to the Pentaho workflow discussion forum your requirements, so that we can evaluate what our community would like to see with regard to our jBPM support.


              Also, supporting Shark and jBPM simultaneously is not a problem - the Pentaho platform is a pluggable architecture that allows easy integration with multiple tools.

              Our roadmap and requirements are driven by our community, so if the community wants extended jBPM functionality, then we will take that into serious consideration when determining our priorities. And of course, we are growing as rapidly as we are because of community contributions - so if anyone in the JBoss community is interested in contributing to our jBPM efforts, please contact me directly at gmoran@pentaho.org.

              all the best,
              Pentaho Community Chimichanga