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    mapped-name in GPD-created XML is wrong

    David Hosier Novice

      I've just started working with coding some jBPM stuff, and I noticed a problem. I used the GPD plug-in (v.3.0.9) to create my process. Then I copied and pasted the XML to my JUnit class as the process definition. I wasn't getting the correct mapped name in my debug statements, and while reading Section 11.5 in the user guide, I noticed that the mapped-name variable attribute was different than what I got from GPD. GPD produces mappedName instead of mapped-name, and that's why I was not getting the correct values in my debugging. I changed the XML to mapped-name and it started working. This is a really big problem...unless I'm lame of course and did something wrong. All variables and mapped names were created from the graphical dialog while editing a task in GPD (i.e. no manual XML editing).