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    subprocesses linked to superprocess in deploy time - not in

    Alexey Kakunin Newbie

      Hello! I found think I'm not sure working correctly in jBPM:

      jBPM Process Definition has process-state node for connecting some subprocess to main superprocess. In this node you can specify process name and process version - but if version is not specified - it gets last version.

      Problem is that it "get" this last version during process deploying time - not during process execution (starting) time.

      For example I have process 1 with process-state node. This node points to process2 without any version, so, last version should be used.

      OK, I have in my system process2 version 1 and I'm deploying process1. If I will start process1 it, finally will start process2 version 1 - it is ok.

      But then I can deploy new version of process2 - version 2. Of course I want in whole my system do use it instead of old version.

      But process-state node in process1 still points to version 1- if I will start process1 it will finally start process2 version 1 - but not the last version 2...

      It is special feature you it will be changed sometimes later? Should I report bug into JIRA?