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    Having multiple JbpmContext objects fails...

    Willem van Asperen Newbie

      For my Tapestry / jBPM integration project, I stumble onto this problem:

      JbpmContext contextA = JbpmConfiguration.getContext();
      JbpmContext contextB = JbpmConfiguration.getContext();
      ProcessInstance instance = contextA.createNewProcess(name);

      ------------> bluhhh...

      This happens because I would like to have a context available during all the steps of the render of each page.

      When I transfers from page A to page B, page B is created and startes the rendering process (i.e. contextB is created) before I have created the new ProcessInstance. But creating a second context makes the first one behave "funny" and fail the creation (return id=0).

      Should I have shorter spanned contexts: one for every component I need to render?