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    jBPM vs Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation

    Tore Gard Andersen Newbie

      Has someone a glue if jBPM is a better flowengine than Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation ?

      Microsoft Visual studio 2005 has a very nice designer compare to the JBOSS 1.5 eclipse designer. But that is only on the surface. What about under the surface ?

      C# and Java is not an issue (I love them both). I know that Java is more platform friendly (+JBoss). But I'm also seeking a quality flow engine that exist also in to years time and is easy to use !

      Tore Gard


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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          I cannot speak for the Microsoft WWF, but JBoss has some big customers (both commercial and non-commercial) who gave their trust in using jBPM in a large production environment. You can therefor trust JBoss to have a strong commitment to jBPM now and in the future. There are some important opensource projects like Alfresco (ECM) and Pentaho (BI) that also have commitment to useing jBPM.

          The GPD is indeed limited compared to big license based BPM vendors or compared to Microsoft. The tool is however functional and since you can use the source (xml) to adapt the process in areas where there is no support in the GPD (yet) you get all the flexibility you need.

          Besides this, I personally (I do not work for JBoss nor for jBPM when it was independent) have found that the jBPM process definition gave me all the flexibility I need.