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    OPPORTUNITY! Looking for real world jBPM process and process

    Gretchen Moran Newbie

      Hi there!

      I am with Pentaho, the fastest growing open source BI app out there. We are working in conjunction with JBoss and jBPM to contribute some reporting capabilities on jBPM processes and performance. We need your help!!

      Does anyone have a very real world jBPM process, along with some historical data concerning previous runs of the process that we may use as test data for our task?

      This would help us greatly in the design of the reports and getting that right, and it would benefit the contributor of the data because we would donate these reports to jBPM and the contributor.

      If you are interested in participating in this effort or have data and process flow for us, contact me directly at communityconnection @ pentaho.org.

      best regards,
      Gretchen Moran
      Pentaho Community Connection