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    Getting previous Node?

    d b Newbie

      In a node I want to find out what node that was previous in the chain, is that possible?

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          tansdale tan Newbie

          each node has a set of arriving transition, and
          each transition has a original node.
          u can get a arriving transition and get the arriving node.

          Set arrivingtransitions = node.getArrivingTransitions();
          // i dont know who to use Set ;
          // u can get a transition from the transition set;
          // i use atransition;
          Node node = atransion.getFrom();
          // but if u have more than one transition u have to judge which transition if the real arriving transition.
          // if u process if complex, u can save the token's path in Context variable;

          i hope it can help u.

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            d b Newbie

            thanks tansdale,

            i ended up saving the node name in each node in a process variable, not very pretty, would have been nicer if I could find out how the path in hte workflow was.