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    Auto task-ending

    r y Newbie


      I'm trying something like this:

      <task-node name="All done">
       <task swimlane="user" name="All done" duedate="2 minutes">
       <transition name="tr1" to="end1"></transition>

      I don't understand how works the "duedate" attribute. My purpose is the task-ending if the user don't do it himself in 2 minutes.

      If I include a timer in the task with the duedate and the transition to take when it expires, the token is signalled and continues until the next breaking-node, but the task "All done" is never ended ... and, for example, in the "websale" code, I always can list it.

      I hope you have understood me.
      What can I do? Is this task attribute unfunctional? have I missed anything?

      Thanks you all