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    Migration to jBOSS jBPM

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      I have to migrate a business process which is executed by another engine to jBOSS jBPM. But I have some question.

      Currently, a client fill in a form, when it is done, the client is directed to another jsp page which display many things AND do one action. This action is done by invoking a service (with java language). And, this is done many times by the same clients (to fill in multiple forms).
      The process instance of these operation is done by nodes of human activty (not standard).

      I would like to do a business instance with the standard (bpel).

      I found two solutions :
      - To invoke services which include the display of the jsp page and the invokation of another service,
      - To make services which include the displays of the jsp page and a call to a java method to do the action (at the place of the invocation of a service) ?

      For you, which is the best solution ? Do you think at another solution ?

      PS : I hope, i'm clear :D