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    How to get process logging?

    d b Newbie

      can someone show me examples how to use the process logging?
      I am primarily interested in extracting information about the processes (which nodes was traversed, etc)

      I tried to fetch information using findLogsByProcessInstance, but it only seems to return some initial information from the first node (and not information for all nodes as I was expecting?)

      Can someone explain how it works? Or give my pointers to some source code that displays logging information, I could not find any in the src directory?

      This is my code:

      Map logMap = myLog.findLogsByProcessInstance(processInstanceId);
      for (Iterator it = logMap.entrySet().iterator(); it.hasNext();) {
       Map.Entry entry = (Map.Entry) it.next();
       Token myToken = (Token) entry.getKey();
       List myList = (List) entry.getValue();
       log.debug(logPrefix2 + "Token.toString=" + myToken.toString());
       WorkflowLogTO myEntry = new WorkflowLogTO();
       myEntry.tokenInfo = myToken.toString();
       myEntry.logEntries = new ArrayList<String>();
       for (Iterator iter2 = myList.iterator(); iter2.hasNext();) {
       ProcessLog myP = (ProcessLog) iter2.next();
       log.debug(logPrefix2 + "...log=" + myP.toString());