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    Changing Process variables

    Daniel Sonic Newbie


      my plan is that people can easily add variablse into a process and using them for decisions.

      So i assign a variable:

      <start-state name="start">
       <task name="start">
       <variable name="einkaufswert" access="read,write,required"></variable>
       <transition name="system_ist_gestartet" to="Verkäufer fordert Ware an"></transition>

      i want to use them like this:
      <decision name="Einkaufswert &lt; 5000 ?">
       <transition name="false" to="Auftrag ausführen">
       <condition expression="#contextInstance.variables['einkaufswert'] lt 5000"/>
       <transition name="true" to="Abteilungsleiter überprüft Auftrag">
       <condition expression="#contextInstance.variables['einkaufswert'] ge 5000"/>

      And now:

      How can i assign a value to this variable named einkaufswert ?

      And which script language is uses for this and where can i find a manual or tutorial for this script language ?

      thx a lot

      cya maxip