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    Fork Join (Newbie)

    Patrick van Amstel Newbie

      I've been searching the forums but i cannot see my problem.

      The following is wat i want to do:

      Fork Node A -> Node B ^N -> Join Node C

      The fork node has to create a number of Node B to be executed.
      This is done by a program.
      When all task's are done node c has to be excuted.

      Node B is not a task. This is a simplified representation of what i want to do. Node B is also a complex piece of workflow. The Wfp16MiWithoutAPrioriRuntimeKnowledge test case does something what i want but this one adds a task and not a workflow route.

      Is it possible to prgramaticly fork the process and then join it in a node.
      And if it is can anyone give me some sample code.

      i would really apreciate it.
      groetjes Patrick