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    cvshead: all generated ddl's are the same

    Ronald van Kuijk Master

      Using cvshead!

      Maybe I miss something in the docs, but all ddl's are the same. I run the generate task from the build.xml in the db dir in jbpm.jpdl. I get no errors. If I create an error in the /jbpm/oracle.jbpm.cfg.xml, I get an error in the generate task. But if I create a non-exsisting dialect in the oracle.properties file (references from the previous xml file) or put another name referencing a non-existing file in the xml file (e.g. orakel.properties) I do not get an error. So this properties file does not seem to be used, hence all ddl's are the same.

      I tried finding the reason, but no luck yet.

      Any ideas?