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    jBPM Scheduler and JUnit testing in Eclipse

    Steve Malson Newbie

      Does anyone have a good single list of steps for setting up an environment where all the jBPM functionality can be launched through a JUnit test class in Eclipse.

      In the test class I do the following:

      1) Static initializer for JbpmConfiguration
      2) Start the Scheduler
      3) Read in the Process Definition
      4) Create a jBPMContext
      5) Step through a process via Signals until it gets to a Node with a create-timer.

      It gets a null pointer in DBSchedulerService.createTimer(line 44)

      I included the Hibernate3.jar and modified the config file to only utilize the scheduler service. I now assume the scheduler won't work without a database and the persistence service. My next step is to configure and launch the hsql database. I am assuming I would also have to launch the hsql database from my test class.

      Any information would be appreciated to save some time.

      Thank You,