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    JSP integration in form tasks

    Ricky Donner Newbie

      Im newbie in jBPM stuff!
      If possible can anybody tell me how can i associate a jsp page with a task.

      Sequence i done:
      1. Add a task
      2. Select properties
      3. Select Controller

      If i select default controller the user variables added are used to automatic generate a web form. So i need to select custom controller and associate a class, but after that im lost :)...sorry

      Thanks in advance

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          most people are. That's one of the reasons the web ui will be much more customizable in 3.2. Unfortunately I cannot give you a short answer (not even a long one, since I only tried this once in 3.0 and came to the conclusion that I was (at that time) not the way to go for me.

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            Ricky Donner Newbie

            Thanks for your quick answer.

            I need to create a prototype to a organization who have 2 or 3 users that interacts with a couple of data in web forms, something like this:

            - Post 2 fields of data

            - Receives the data and approve or reject (go back user1)

            - Receives the approved data

            My question is, at this moment, and using jBPM, the best approach to:

            - Create the users
            - Render the forms
            - Notificate the users to fulfill the web form tasks

            ...is the GPD (plugin eclipse) to create the process definition, deploy them and users interacts with the webapp given by jBPM?

            Thanks one more time and sorry my poor english :)

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              Luca Faggioli Newbie

              For a simple prototype the default controller is more than enough... the steps you mentioned are correct:

              1. create the users in the DB, and then assign the task to them using the plugin
              2. the forms are rendered automatically if you use the default controller - you just need to specify, using the plugin, the fields you want to show
              3. users see the tasks in the tasklist when they log in. You can also write a sendmail activity in between, so when a user leaves a form, the next user receives a notification per email - this is up to you

              If you need more details please let me know.


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                Ricky Donner Newbie

                OK...i agree.

                But is possible, use the GPD, deploy for example to Tomcat and construct my own webapp that interacts with the database and the processe definition.

                Is there any example? Because the problem is the start, then i think anybody can self motivate and continue the work...

                Thanks very much

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                  David Hosier Novice

                  The existing jBPM web application is an example. The source (classes and pages) are all available in the distribution that you downloaded. It's really easy to figure out how to interact with jBPM to do your own webapp by looking at the source code for the HomeBean and TaskBean at least. You will also need something like the UploadServlet if you want to deploy your processes from GPD and not use the jBPM webapp. That source is available in the distribution as well.