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    ActionHandler with an external  library

    Zhi Li Newbie


      I am a beginer of jBPM. And I tried to build an ActionHandler with an external library(for example, with axis). I think the jar file of the library is already imported(in Eclipse, I select the "Properties" from "Project", then in "Java Build Path"-"Libraries", click "Add external JARs" and select the Jar file). After I deployed the jBPM script on my server, I tried to run the process in the jBPM homepage. But there are always many exceptions on the line in which the ActionHandler is invoked.
      The first line of the Exceptions is:
      "org.jbpm.JbpmException: couldn't get value for file 'classes/test/hi.class'". It seems that it is a Classpath problem, or? The class "test.hi.class" is in the imported jar file. Do I need to import the jar file also in anywhere else??