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    RF-3067 - sorting issue in data table using extended data mo

    TV Ramprasadh Newbie

      This is regarding the sorting issue in data table using extended data model. Row Indexes and getRowData methods return wrong values after sorting. We tested in 3.2.1 but the issue still exists. So we are not sure whether this was fixed in 3.2.1. Not sure whether we missed something here.

      Also we referred to the URL http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/RF-3067

      As per the URL notes, this is planned in 3.2.2 – release slated beginning Aug’08. So most likely this is not fixed in 3.2.1. This issue is a bit critical for us since our application uses normal data table with sorting and context menu on the data table rows to do actions on each row. This functionality is used at many places and it’s a very critical from project perspective. Also the user acceptance tests is planned to start end of July 08 and hence from the project perspective this issue is a critical issue.

      Appreciate your help. Can you please let me know whether we can get a patch or fix on 3.2.1 for this sorting issue so that we can address this quickly? Or is there a way to get this working in 3.2.1 in case we missed something. Please help