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    Assign Actors for different Tasks

    sss ddd Newbie

      I am trying to use JBPM to define a process which have several Task nodes. But I don't want to define the actors while designing the process. I want the actors to be defined at the runtime. For example, I have 3 users say actor1, actor2, actor3 and one user who is a manager say mgr1. I want the tasks to be assigned to the appropriate user by mgr1 at the runtime.
      Can anyone please tell me where the above can be achived in Jbpm?

      Waiting for your reply......

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          Yes, you can create a 'task' with a form that has an action when e.g. leaving the node sets a processvariable. If you yousee a swimlane or assignmenthandlers that reads this processvariable, you can set the actorId of the task.

          But keep in mind that once a swimlane has an actor assigned to it runtime, it will not resolve again if the same swimlane is used in another task.