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    BPEL Future Release

    Mirco Graf Newbie


      I am evaluating jBPM and have some questions about the future BPEL-Integration:

      I think that JBPM will implement the future BPEL 2.0 "Specification", this would be a good purpose because of system-interoperability and ideas of BPM etc. On the other side, my company doesn´t want to miss functionality of jPDL such as custom (java-)actions and the possibillity NOT to use Web-Services. We have a highly claim on performance, so we must have the possibility to access systems via EJB, RMI etc without using an above WS-Layer just because of the BPEL-Spec.

      So I think its a good approach to deal with the "Standard"-BPEL Spec, but also to provide functionality to extend the specification, as done in engines from oracle or bea.

      Would a "BPEL-Switch" mean, tha jPDL is deprecated or will jPDL be used internally? An internal use could be a starting-point for custom actions and remote access..