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    [jBPM][3.1.1] Transition with condition in decision

    Ephemeris Lappis Newbie


      I've been testing using simple JPDL examples.
      I've understood a transition can be selected according to a condition expressed in a condition node.

      Here an example of my tests :

      <decision name="decision-after-activity-1">
       <transition name="2a" to="activity-2a" />
       <transition name="2b" to="activity-2b">
       <condition expression="#{contextInstance.variables['V1'] == 1}" />

      In these lines the two transition tags contain a name attribute that the documentation says to be optional. In my processs definition, this works. If the given variable is previously set with the expected value, the condition is matched and the second transition is selected...

      But if i remove the name attribute, in particular in the second transition that supports the condition, the expression doesn't match anymore and the first transition is followed...

      Is this a documentation interpretation error, about the option name attribute, or a strange bug ?