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    User delegating tasks to other users

    Sarel Botha Newbie

      We would like the ability for a user to be able to 'delegate' a task instance to another user. The way we're using the term 'delegate' is different than the definition in the jBPM documentation.

      A user would open a task instance from their task list and decide to delegate this task to another user. Here there would be two options:
      1. Re-assign the task to another user. I think this can be accomplished by just calling setActorId() on the taskInstance.
      2. Re-assign the task to another user, but once that user finishes their work the task should come back to the first user to be reviewed. The user that is delegated to would probably only have a single option (transition) such as 'ok' to choose from. It would also be nice if a task could remain in the first user's task list to indicate that we're waiting on the second user to complete their work. Also, it would be useful to be able to do this multiple times, eg. John delegates to Sandy who delegates to Dave, etc.

      Would the best way of doing this be to create a new task instance at run time that is assigned to the second user and is built in such a way as to simluate this behavior?