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    BPEL Descriptor Question

    Nicholas Capito Newbie

      So i have a process that is working however i have a question.

      For any webservice that you call inside of a process you have to define where to get the wsdl... how is this done. I am currently doing this by defining the absolute location inside the bpel-definition.xml like this:

       <wsdl namespace="http://webservice" location="http://localhost:8080/SimpleMessageWS/SimpleWriter?wsdl"/>
       <wsdl namespace="http://com.test.jtm.webservice/" location="JTMFusionCaller.wsdl"/>

      Like i said this works but is this the correct way? It does not seem like a good standard because if the server address changes i am in trouble?

      The same question applies for the bpel-application.xml

       <definition location="http://localhost:8080/SimpleMessageWS/SimpleWriter?wsdl" />

      ? Can someone please help?