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    Big Problem with Datascroller in IE

    Jan Blankenhorn Newbie

      Big Problem with Datascroller in IE

      Hi everybody,

      i have a very strange and difficult problem with IE 6 + 7(this totally works in Firefox)

      Ok, here is my setup:
      Richfaces 3.1.6 + JSF 1.1 (Myfaces) + Java 1.4.2

      The problem is the following:
      I have a Table that has a datascroller, located inside a TabPanel (included with <a4j:include>).

      The problem occurs when:
      1) Open the page for the first time
      2) change to another page in with the datascroller (e.g. 5)
      3) navigate to another page from clicking a table row with t:commandLink
      4) "Browser Back" to table (instead of navigating via breadbcrumb)

      The datascroller resets back to page 1. Also if i click any page in the datascroller, i get navigated to the page i was before.
      This happens until i navigate once with my breadcrumb buttons, from then one everything works fine.

      Now i also got some code for you!!

      Here is the tabPanel:

       <rich:tabPanel tabClass="sksTab" inactiveTabClass="sksInactiveTab"
       styleClass="tabPanelTable" activeTabClass="sksActiveTab"
       selectedTab="#{mySksManagerBean.selectedTab}" headerSpacing="3px" switchType="server">
       <rich:tab id="tabSuchauftraege" label="#{bundle.mysks_tabSuchen}"
       rendered="#{moduleManager.moduleSearchStorageEnabled or moduleManager.moduleFavoritesEnabled}">
       <a4j:include viewId="mysks-searches_fragment.xhtml" />

      Here is the table Page
      <rich:datascroller id="scrollerEstatesTop" align="left"
       for="tradesObjectsTable" styleClass="immoResultScroller"
       tableStyleClass="immoResultScrollerTable" ajaxSingle="true"
       reRender="scrollerEstatesBottom" binding="#{mySksEstatesBean.estatesDatascroller}">
       <rich:dataTable id="tradesObjectsTable"
       value="#{mySksEstatesBean.tradesObjectsList}" var="tradesObject"
       styleClass="immotabelle" headerClass="immoheader"
       footerClass="immoheader" columnClasses="immocell" rows="15">
       <rich:column colspan="2" styleClass="immoheadline">
       action="#{mySksEstatesBean.openTradesObject}" /></h2>
       action="#{mySksEstatesBean.openTradesObject}" />

      Thanks a lot !!!