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    Error deploying a process

    Jay Hiremath Newbie

      I am trying to deploy my own process from the designer and see an IOException with a 500 HTTP Response code. What is strange is that Test Connection works from the new Deployment tab and I can also deploy the starters process successfully. The .par file contains the usual process def files, an action handler and config files. In the resources list, I also check all the dependent jars, but for some reason they don't show up in the saved .par file.

      I think I have two issues:

      1. HTTP 500 response from the server
      2. How do I specify dependent jars (in this case eclipse ecore generated packages, emf jars, etc.,)

      I have tried manually placing the .par in the deploy directory, but the server does not appear to pick it up (as I see no trace in the window to that effect).

      I started with this process in Eclipse 3.1.X with the older designer (3.8.X I think) and had the same issue. In that setup, I was using the older depoyment dialog that did not have the option to add additional classes or resources to the .par file.

      Any help is appreciated.

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          Jay Hiremath Newbie

          I have narrowed this down further...

          This time I am using the auto generated simple process and modified it to add a Node via the designer. If I associate an action handler with the Node, I can consistently produce the error. I also noticed that the XML fragment for the generated 'node' element has 'transition' element as the first child followed by the 'action' element. If I switch the order of the two child nodes then the process deploys successfully. This makes sense since the jpdl-3.1.xsd schema for the 'node' element does require a sequence where action precedes other node-content-elements.

          It seems that the designer generated XML that violates the schema and the deployer reports HTTP 500 while the underlying problem may be a parse error. I am new to jBPM.. but this is what I observe.

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            Koen Aers Master

            You are correct. This is a bug. I added this JIRA issue.