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    action and variables

    pedro costa Apprentice

      1 - I have a processdefinition that in some states or task-nodes, has an action associated to the respective class.

      What i want, is to know which action had been occurred when i'm executing the workflow. Instead of putting code in the actionHandler, i would like to know if exists a way to get something that informs me that an action X had been occurred? For example, doing token.signal(), it returns the name of the action executed.

      2 - How can i put a variable with a value in the process definition? Something like this:

      <task-node name="task1">
       <variable name="actionType" access="read">4</variable>

      3 - If i have a variable with access of read in the processdefinition, how can i set a value to that variable? The variable isn't read-only?