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    Jbpm cusom task instance management

    Olivier Debels Newbie

      We would like to use jbpm with our own task management component. This component saves and loads task instances (which can be used in different applications).

      It is easy to plugin a custom task instance implementation (subclassing the current implementation and adapting jbpm.task.instance.factory). Extra properties were added in this task instance and hibernate mappings were adopted. In this way the saving/loading of the task instance is no longer done by jbpm.

      So far so good, however the cutom task management component also stores pooled actors, so we wanted to remove the pooled actors saving/loading from the jbpm component.

      It is not possible to subclass the PooledActor class and there is no factory class for this, so we got stuck here. What is the best way to tackle this problem?