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    Editing the web interface

    george h Newbie


      I downloaded the JBPM 3.1 starter kit and managed to get a few work flows going using the embeded tomcat server. It seems like something I can use in my department.

      I have encountered a few dificulties while trying to integrate this with our current systems.

      1. I need to change the web interface (you know the login screen with cookie monster), I am not very experienced with JSP but I do have Sun Studio Creator2 installed and I would like to some how use it to create the web-interface for using JBPM.

      2. (This is not as critical to me as the above) we already have a tomcat 5.5 server running and would like to put jbpm on it.

      Does any one here know a good starting point to the two things mentioned above? I did a lot of searching on the net and came out empty handed. Any links to related documentation would also be helpful.