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    inputNumberSlider inherits style from containing panelGrid

    marco angheben Newbie

      I've experienced the following inheriting problem using richfaces inputNumberSlider component. The simplese test page to show the problem is as shown here:

      <%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsf/html" prefix="h"%>
      <%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsf/core" prefix="f"%>
      <%@ taglib uri="http://richfaces.org/a4j" prefix="a4j"%>
      <%@ taglib uri="http://richfaces.org/rich" prefix="rich"%>
      <style type="text/css">
       .myTable td {text-align: center; border: 0px;}
       <h:form id="sampleForm">
       <h:panelGrid styleClass="myTable">

      and you can see the result at the following links, without css definition for class myTable at
      and with at
      Basically, the text-align: center property makes the arrow and the tooltip to slide on the left and the border: 0px property makes the markers on slider boundary to disappear.
      Maybe is it possible to fix the problem by defining specific style on slider to override the inherited ones, or simply this post will result useful for other users experiencing problems like this one.