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    Getting unpersistable according to the jbpm.varmapping.xml c

    Grim Shieldsson Newbie

      The documenation clearly says that for any persistable object I can just add the hibernate mapping and voila, any instance of that object will be persisted. I add my references to the hibernate.cfg.xml file. Notice that hibernate is in fact reading them, and then get "type 'com.blah.MyClass' is unpersistable according to the jbpm.varmapping.xml configuration".
      I can see the log entrys where the hbm.xml file for MyClass is being read in. I can save MyClass with hibernate, but jBpm doesn't seem to want to cooperate.
      Do I have to add something to jbpm.varmapping.xml to get this to work? If so what? I don't want this object serialized, I need it persisted in the database so marking it serializable won't work.

      What did I miss?