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    Generation of XML file

    sophie j Newbie


      I am really impressed by this JBPM tool. Please would you mind telling me if the graph you obtain is generated from the XML file and/or if the XML file is generated from the graph? Would it be possible in my application to call a part of your code (and which part?) to generate the graph from my XML file?

      Thanks in advance for your precisions.

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          mr.mofo Newbie

          Its both...
          I draw the flow out and such in the gui, and create the original variables in the gui, then I copy/paste over the variables later down the road for the others nodes because its faster. So if you wanted to sit there and type out the xml then copy it over, it works unless its not correct because I have done it myself.

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            Koen Aers Master

            Extenalizing the graph creation code from the GPD is not really possible I am afraid. It is quite deeply tied into the Eclipse GEF framework. I for sure would not know how to use this code outside the Eclipse plugin. If you find a way to do this, let us certainly know...