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    features of jBPM

    Sergio Rahman Newbie

      First of all, sorry if this is not the right location for this question.

      For my internship I am comparing (among other things of course) features of different open source workflow management platforms. But because I am evaluating a lot of alternatives, I don't really have the time to go digging through the software looking for the features. It would really help me if someone could just tell me if the following features are already in jBPM or if they have to developed by users themselves:

      - Adding attributes to process steps (or maybe activities is the right word)
      - Modeling processes in a hierarchic fashion and connecting processes to each other
      - Defining the level of a process (valuechain process, business process, work process, etc.)
      - A library function for the reuse of process steps

      Thanks in advance

      PS. I am also evaluating the response time on the forum ;)