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    specifying context variables through the process definition

    Charles Crouch Expert

      Forgive the newbie question...

      Looking at the jpdl schema it doesn't appear that there is a way to directly specify (inject) process context variables from the process definition itself. The nearest you can come is to specify a property on a delegation class such as an Action e.g.

      <action class='MyActionHandler'>

      Is this a deliberate design decision or did I miss seomthing?

      The use case I have is that I would like to define generic sub processes, and then add multiple instances of them to my super process, having each one vary in the values of a couple of context variables. But the best I can do is:

      <process-definition name='super'>
       <process-state name='p'>
       <sub-process name='sub' />
       <variable name='a' access='read' mapped-name='A' />

      When in fact I really want to be able to specify a value for 'a' in the process-state which would get passed into the 'sub' process.

      Thanks in advance