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    Installation feedback - Design editor visibility

    Andrew Murphy Newbie

      IDE setup: MyEclipse 5.0M1 running on Eclipse 3.2RC6

      I have been playing with jBPM for a number of days and have experienced problems launching the jbpm designer/editor by double-clicking the gpd.xml file - some gpd.xml files will launch the designer, yet others would not.

      I discovered, after many frustrating hours of digging around, etc., that .xml file extensions within Eclipse where not automatically associated with the jbpm designers/editors during the installation. So to save you all the same frustrations here are the simple steps to configure Eclipse should you come across this problem yourselves:

      1. From the Eclipse file menu select Window > Preferences
      2. In the Preferences dialog box expand the directory tree to locate the Eclipse file associations (General > Editors > File Associations)
      3. Highlight *.xml and select the Add button
      4. In the Editor Selector dialog box select the Internal Editors radio button and locate/select the jBPM Graphical Process Designer. Press OK button.
      5. Repeat step 4 for the jBPM Pageflow Designer

      Finally you will need to associate the respective gpd.xml file with the jBPM editor by right-clicking the file and selecting the editor via the 'Open With' option.

      Thereafter double-clicking the file will automatically launch the editor. Hope this helps...