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    excecution of the task assigned

    auré manga Novice

      Hello everybody,

      I create a portlet with some task without assigment to a specific person and some others assigned to a specific person. When I execute my process in anonymous person I can execute the task without assigment (It's logical) but I want to log me in order to execute the task which need to be execute by a specific person.

      So I want to know what is the class that I must use in order to log me as a person and jbpm can know my login.

      thank you for your help

      if you want to some another explaination send me a response, i'm trying to explain you the better that I can.


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          auré manga Novice

          I treid to use the JbpmContext in order to set the login in the actorID but I can use JbpmContext:

          I typed this line:

          JbpmContext jbpmContext = jbpmConfiguration.createJbpmContext();

          I have no problem whne I execute my code with this line. but if I want to use a methode of the jbpmContext I have always an error:

          15:32:13,512 ERROR [Jsr168Dispatcher] Could not execute action
          java.lang.IllegalMonitorStateException: current thread not owner
           at java.lang.Object.notify(Native Method)

          If somebody can help me to permit create a log in the jbpm in order to use the assigment wxith jbpm, it will be very nice

          thank you very much