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    ScrollableDataTable rendering issues.

    Steve Whatmore Newbie

      Good afternoon,

      We are currently back-leveled on the latest release of RichFaces (3.1.3) due to numerous rendering issues with the ScrollableDataTable.

      Each release we are expectant that the RichFaces team will ultimately get the SDT whipped into shape and quickly integrate the latest release only to continue to see problems with the SDT. Thus to date we have been somewhat disappointed.

      I know that this is a fairly vague statement regarding the quality of the SDT and am not at all meant to disrepect the effort put forth by the RichFaces team nor start a flame war, since otherwise we are very pleased with the RichFaces component library.

      However, I would like to know when the various rendering issues with the SDT are going to be finally addressed. This is making very difficult to continue to deliver a high quality product using the RichFaces framework and we would love to see a statement from the RichFace team regarding the SDT.

      Thanks in advance.