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    Problem in the starters kit of jBPM

    Syed Sajid Newbie

      I was developing the process made in the video demo available on the jboss site http://docs.jboss.com/jbpm/v3/demos/movies/jbpm-overview.htm

      It works fine until I go into configure the task, If I try to define variables for the form in the 'Controller' , It gives me error when I am saving the changes, I can change the name of the task and assign a swim lane to it alright, but If I try to assign variables in the Controller it gives me an error.

      But if I assign the same variables directly in the source xml, It saves it without giving an error, and I've deployed it after wards and it works fine. So my question is why am I getting this error on assigning variables in the Controller, Is it not able to generate correct xml? or is there some other problem with it.

      Also I would like to know why is the 'Deployment' tab missing in the starter's kit as it is shown in the demo, I had to right click the process and from there 'Deploy the Process Archive' to deploy my process.

      I'd be really grateful to you people, if you take your time and answer these.