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    How to Integrate Different Cross Platform Systems (Applicati


      Dear All,

      I have a query about How we can use JBPM for integrating cross platform (diversified systems) Systems.

      Let me first describe the scenario for better understanding of my current situation,

      My company intends to purchase an ERP System. Currently we have quite a few systems running on different platforms, brief descriptions of some of these systems is as follows,

      Inventory System:
      Desription: Maintains raw material, fixed assets inventory.
      Platform : ASP, Visual Basic, Sql Server (Web based)

      Desription: Maintains Customers information, sales transaction
      Platform : ASP.NET, Oracle (Web based)

      Each of these sytsems share Data (Information) as the part of their business process.

      We intend to purchase only those modules as the part of ERP system that are not available to us in the currently running systems i.e. for example, we might not purchase Inventory Management system.

      What I currently understand in the present scenario is that,

      Query 1
      I need to expose each of the current System through Web Services(s) in Order to integrate them (currently the integration is done through shared databases,CSV,data files etc)
      1) among themselves
      2) with the ERP System (modules like General Ledger using the Inventory System data for costing,inventory valuation,accounting entries generation, Profit and Loss (Income Statement) generation etc)

      Afterwards,I need to design Process Definition(s) (business processe(s) for Each Individual Business Process for Each Individual Application) for example, I will design a process definition of lets say "Stock Updation" process and define its process definition in a way such that
      it calls different systems (including new ERP System) as the part of its process (usings nodes, transitions etc) to fetch/Update data in these sytems, for example it might generate automated Stock Updation
      entries in the ERP System)

      Is this the way to Integrate Systems or there is some other way? Can I get some Reference Material to achieve this task.

      Query 2

      I don't want to change the Interfaces and Logic of my current systems. How do I intergate these systems in the process,i.e. for each process like "Stock Updation" will the starting point be my Inventory System (the process definition will start from Stock Updation Screen and
      it will update other sytsems as the part of the process) OR for each process definition a seperate Interface will be created which will call existing system interfaces or update them.

      Query 3
      I suppose we can intergate systems by calling their interfaces (forms/pages) [if reqiured] but how do we call the interfaces (forms/pages) of Desktop (windows based) applications.

      i'll be really grateful If you guys can help me.

      Best Regards,