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    Question Regarding Behavior of start-state Task

    kazam Newbie

      When I create a process instance programmatically and create a start-task instance, and probe if the stat-task instance is signalling it comes out to be false.
      Also, even if I set it to true, and query the taskInstance, it still says false.

      However, as soon as I end this task, the process moves on forward to the next node, which shows that the start-task was signalling.
      What am I missing here? Thanks, Kazam

      TaskInstance taskInstance = processInstance.getTaskMgmtInstance().createStartTaskInstance();
       /*Get startTaskInstance information*/
       System.out.println("TaskInstance isOpen "+taskInstance.isOpen()+" isSignalling "+
       taskInstance.isSignalling()+" isBlocking "+taskInstance.isBlocking()
       +" isStartTaskInstance "+taskInstance.isStartTaskInstance()+" isLast "
       +taskInstance.isLast()+" isCancelled "+ taskInstance.isCancelled());

       xmlns="urn:jbpm.org:jpdl-3.1" name="genericRequest">
       <start-state name="create generic request">
       <task name="create timeoff request">
       <assignment class="org.jbpm.genericRequest.MyAssignmentHandler" />
       <variable name="employeeName"></variable>
       <variable name="startDate"></variable>
       <variable name="endDate"></variable>
       <transition to="evaluate request" />
      <task-node name="evaluate request">
       <task >
       <assignment class="org.jbpm.genericRequest.MyAssignmentHandler"/>
       <timer name="escalate" duedate="5 seconds" repeat="5 seconds">
       <action class="org.jbpm.genericRequest.RemindActor">
       <variable name="status" />
       <variable name="comment"/>
       <transition name="ok" to="accept" />
       <transition name="no" to="reject" />
      <node name="accept">
       <action class="org.jbpm.genericRequest.NotifyEmployee">
       <transition to="end" />
       <node name="reject">
       <action class="org.jbpm.genericRequest.NotifyEmployee">
       <transition to="end" />
       <end-state name="end" />