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    Database configuration confusion in the starter's kit

    Brad O'Hearne Newbie

      Presently I am opening up generated jar files in the starter's kit (jbpm directory) to try to figure out how to change JBoss to use another database (Oracle) instead of the default Hypersonic db. The documentation is incomplete and doesn't completely address this, unless there is some part of the documentation or newer version of the JBPM user guide (I am using 3.0.3) which I am not aware of.

      Inside the generated jbpm.sar file, there are no related config/property files put in there directly. There are several other jars inside however. Two of these are:


      Inside the jbpm-3.0.3.jar, there is a jbpm.properties file, with commented out entries about referencing hibernate configuration files, but no hibernate configuration files are found in the jar.

      Then, in jbpm.sar.cfg.jar, there is a jbpm.properties file, with entries (not commented out) that point to hibernate.properties and hibernate.cfg.xml files, both of which are contained in the jar too, and both of which have been changed for usage of my Oracle database (dialect, url, username, password, etc.).

      However, when I deploy the sar using build.deploy.xml and ant, it still is attempting to connect to the Hypersonic db, not Oracle.

      Help! I am confused why the jbpm.properties files appear in both the jbpm-3.0.3.jar and the jbpm.sar.cfg.jar, and I need help knowing how to get a database other than the default Hypersonic database to work in JBoss.

      Thanks for your help.