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    Embedded use + tasks + instances shared by 2 apps

    Jerome BATON Newbie

      Hi all,

      I plan to use JBPM embedded in my application (sort of big loop making lots of signals according to conditions).

      However, some of my workflows will need human input and therefore some web user interface (that has to be written in php ).

      The workflow instances will be persisted to a DB (not hsql).

      This web UI's use is to forward the instances that will be flagged as in the state "waiting for human input".

      Those instances should not be used by my main app (while in this state) but only by the server side of the web UI thus avoiding concurrent modification.

      I wonder how to notify the main app that the instances have been forwarded as they will exist in DB, in web app's RAM, in main app's RAM in the same time.

      As it would not be performant to check status (from the DB) in the main app.

      Has anyone done something like this ?

      Hints on the sharing of the workflows between two apps are welcomed.


      Jerome BATON