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    JBPM_LOG: Howto enable, Turning on BPEL log by process execu

    njipwo Bertrand Newbie

      Hello @all,

      i'm facing the problem 1000 of you have already encounter. After the execution on my BPEL-process i realise that the Database Table JBPM_LOG has no records.

      I have already search the forum for this but there was some answer for those whose deploy business process programmaticaly and this is not my case.

      I'm using JBPM-BPEL only as service orchestration (No code needed to deploy a process) and i need to log the execution of my BPEL-process.

      Following Thread in the forum relates this issue but i can't found concrete solution on howto enable the log of my process execution.


      May be some one has solved the problem already and can give me some tips.

      Thanks in advance for your help

      Best Regard

      Bertrand Njipwo