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    ActionHandler in node not called unless inside transition

    John Baker Newbie

      I may have misunderstood something but I have an action that needs to propogate execution so I have defined it inside a state rather than a transition which is what the docs appears to be suggesting. It never gets called when I put it there though! However, if I move it to inside a transition it does get called.

      Is below correct? If so, what else could I have done wrong?

       <state name="showLoginView">
       <action class="ShowLoginViewHandler"/>
       <transition name="" to="end"></transition>

      Also, curious I had to put my variables as transient variables. I do not need persistence as these processes only manage UI session level stuff and can die after the session. However, jBPM complains that I have not defined how to persist my objects in the database. How can I make it in-memory only?

       // Create a new login process running
       // and give it any context it may require
       // such as the presentation manager so
       // actions can add a window etc
       ProcessDefinition definition = ProcessDefinition.parseXmlInputStream(getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(LOGIN_PROCESS));
       process = definition.createProcessInstance();
       process.getContextInstance().setTransientVariable("presentationSession", this);
       // start the process running in main direction
       System.out.println("*** NOW IN NODE: " + process.getRootToken().getNode());

      Thanks in advance,