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    Suspending active timers... what should happen on Resume?

    Chris OBrien Novice

      I've tried searching the forum and the JIRA, with no luck.

      I just tested what jBPM (3.1.1) does with a timer when you suspend/resume.

      Here's my scenario:

      - You have a timer that is due in 10 minutes, which gets created when you enter node A.
      - You Enter Node A. Timer is created, you sit for 5 minutes.
      - You then suspend the process instance.
      - While the process instance is suspended, you wait for 10 minutes.

      What should happen when you resume? I feel that jBPM should understand the timer still has 5 minutes to go.

      However, what I'm seeing is, the timer row in the database just gets flipped back to active, and then triggers right after the resume. Sure, 15 minutes passed on a 10 minute timer, but in my mind, suspending a process instance should pause everything about it.