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    Assigning task instances to logical group

    Simon Godden Newbie

      IIUC, it is only possible to assign task instances to an actor or a resolved list of actors. However, in certain scenarios it is very desirable to have one level of indirection, by assigning only to a logical group, whose membership can change over time.

      For instance, say I operate a helpdesk, where different groups deal with the logged issues.

      There could be hundreds of outstanding issues (task instances) at any one time, which have been generated by jBPM.

      Then I get a new member of staff, and put them in a certain group. But because the set of pooled actors was resolved at task instance creation time, this new user will not see any pooled tasks.

      Although jBPM has the concept of those groups, I think it only uses them to resolve a list of pooled actors at task instance creation time.

      ?? Have I understood that correctly ??

      I can get around this quite easily, by doing a small amount additional work through task handlers to maintain an additional database linking to groups.

      But I would like to see the ability to assign a task instance only to the group, rather than to the resolved list of actors forming that group at task instance creation time.