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    Webapp has Incorrect red highlight feature


      One problem we noticed was the red bar in teh web app, that is put there by javascript, appersin the wrong position, only half covering the box.

      Has anyone else seen this problem?

      It appears to be created by the javascript on top of the large png image, but Im not sure exactly why it is getting the wrong size.
      In the packed starter kit process, it appears correct, but on any others it is wrong.

      James Ratcliff

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          Chris OBrien Novice

          I've seen this a few times. I think it has something to do with the gpd.xml that the GPD designer itself generates to indicate where the nodes are.

          Sometimes the boxes are aligned right, sometimes they are off. I think turning the grid on fixes it sometimes (View -> Show Grid) in the GPD, but this is just a guess.

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            Ok, I opened the gpd.xml and took a look at the code there:

             <node name="Final State" x="552" y="544" width="140" height="-1"/>
             <node name="submitted" x="274" y="143" width="140" height="-1">
             <transition name="return">
             <label x="4" y="-1"/>
             <transition name="approve">
             <label x="5" y="-10"/>

            It appears that every node has a -1 height value, which doesnt appear correct.

            If anyone else knows anything about this problem, it would be great to get a patch in place. Its real bad form to see this when demonstrating the package :{

            James Ratcliff

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              Ronald van Kuijk Master

              If I design in GPD- and show it in JBPM 3.1.1 it is wrong, If I show the same processinstance in 3.2 it is aligned right..... don't know where this comes from and it could indeed have something to do with default sizes/resizing/grid or something.

              Please file a jira issue with the largest amound of info possible (including designer version)

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                Koen Aers Master

                It is a bug in the designer... The position of the node is set in the graphical info file but not the dimension. To work around it, you should currently after dropping a node on the canvas move it a little bit. And indeed, file a jira issue so I don't forget to fix it...