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    Retriving task instances for user

    Daniel Lipski Newbie

      I have one more problem using jBPM.

      If i want to get all task instances for actor (push/pull) do i have to start from getTaskMgmtSession().findTaskInstances(actorID) always?

      Is there any other way ?

      If no, how to get task instances gropued by task nodes ?

      Something like this doesn't work (ClassCast):

      List<TaskInstance> tasks = workflowConfig.createJbpmContext().getTaskMgmtSession().findTaskInstances(actorId);
      Map<TaskNode, List<TaskInstance>> instancesGrouped = new HashMap<TaskNode, List<TaskInstance>>();
      for(TaskInstance task : tasks)
       //ClassCast here
       TaskNode taskNode = (TaskNode)task.getToken().getNode();
       List<TaskInstance> instances = instancesGrouped.get(taskNode);
       if(instances == null)
       instances = new ArrayList<TaskInstance>();

      Maybe there is other, simplier way to do this.