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    Suffering from the bad performance of Graphical Process Desi

    Leesen Guo Newbie

      I am not sure any one else have encountered the same problem as me.

      When I edit the 'processdefinition.xml' with the Graphical Process Designer, every 'save' operation even adding a node would cause the cpu usage to run up to 100%, and the process of which would last about 10 minutes. While I edit the same 'processdefinition.xml' with text editor or xml editor, everything is so smooth.

      I also tried to start eclipse with argument' -vmargs -Xmx1024m -Xms512m', but it do no good. The problem keeps.

      Plz give me some suggestion. The problem slow down my job greatly. THX:)

      My notbook's configuration is as below:
      CPU, Intel Pentium 1.73GHZ, memory,1.5G.